One day when I was in my early teens I noticed that for the past few days I can always see the moon during the day. I made a casual comment to my father about it, saying that I found it odd, and wondering what might have caused it. After a short silence while staring at the moon with a worried expression, my Father turned to me and said in a dead serious voice:

- ''This means trouble.''

And I have to say, the deadpan delivery was utterly fantastic, because I sincerely got worried for a minute there when he said it. But of course, That was just Dad being a dad, and trying to mess with a young kid who was still wandering at the world. That short exchange however, was the seed for my 'what does it mean' comic. Even though I have not started drawing it until much later when I was around 20, I can clearly remember the very first comic where I created my paranoid dog character and the mood I wanted to capture taking shape after remembering that particular situation years ago, and the naive, sincere confusion I felt when I saw my Dad worriedly staring at the moon.

In this collection of short — 3 panel comics, I created a world as seen through the eyes of a very philosophically minded and somewhat suspicious and paranoid dog who wanders through life, questioning everything and seeking hidden meanings in everyday mundane things. The monochromatic and simple style creates a moody world full of secrets and mystery behind every corner.This projects had its ups and downs, with me starting to draw and publishing some of the first comics online around the age 20 as mentioned earlier, and I finally made enough of them to compile a small book around 2017. It is self published and has a limited number of prints still available on my shop.

You can find all of them here

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