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The Drive - Story of Solomon Epstein

Some projects are "jobs" and some are "joys". This is one of the latter.

On this one I collaborated with Uwe Lulis, a talented and creative musician who is currently working on his personal project: "Uwe Lulis Project". He had this awesome song written about a character from "the Expanse" series - Solomon Epstein. The story goes that Solomon was the creator of "Epstein drive" somewhat by accident, he was testing his new drive ideas on his own prototype ship, and the malfunction resulted in the ship accelerating into space uncontrollably, not only creating the fastest engine in the result but also killing it's creator in the process. Luckily Solomon have saved the engine specs on his wife's computer, back on mars, so the knowledge was saved and it was the main catalyst of greater human expansion across our galaxy.

Now me being a sci-fi fan and a big 'ol sucker for a good story, I liked the idea straight away, but after hearing a song in question I knew this will be a delight. The song is a banger. It is not only catchy as hell, but also perfectly captures the tragedy and greatness of Solomon's flight into his death - and humanity's future. We ended up making an illustration capturing Solomon's flight, that was animated in to a lyric video for the song. Check out the link bellow for the song and all the link of where you can find the streaming links for it, and more music by Uwe Lulis Project.

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