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That Day

Another beautiful little Poem From the multi talented David of course. This one is (sort of) based on a true story!

We have been on a short holiday in Rome one warm autumn weekend, and while walking back to our hotel after a long and exciting day of sightseeing we turned down a broad dark and empty road with a park on one side, separated from a road by a fairly high sidewalk. As we strolled along discussing what we have seen in this beautiful city, we noticed a poor little hedgehog on the road who scuttled towards the park and was faced by the sidewalk that was much too high for him to conquer. He stopped in his tracks and stood there, facing this obstacle with his tiny snout touching the cold concrete that was between him and a cool safety of the bushes just beyond. We also stopped and observed him. Nothing happened. He just stood there, as determined and patient as the sidewalk itself, trying to stare it in to submission — to let him continue on his journey — home, perhaps? After a minute of observing that epic stare down between the brave hedgehog and the immovable sidewalk, I decided to intervene, and gave the little Hedgie boy a lift onto the sidewalk, where he eventually relaxed, and continued on his merry way into the safety of the park just beyond.

This was the Inspiration for this little poem that David wrote just a few weeks later.

A little hedgehog trippled 'long the street, it had oh! so many folks to meet, it had water, it had lunch - one big red beet, so it swivelled swifty swoftly with its feet After one whole morning in the sun, it had talked to the dog, the bird, the cat, when a big long shadow soon begun, looming over the poor hedgehog like a mat. Fearing for his lifenot knowing what to do, our friend hedgehog simply stood there without clue, but it soon found gentle hands lifting it up, and our little hedgeboye understood its luck A young hooman had decided it will help, so the little hedgie cried with one fun yelp, as the hooman saved him plenty lots of walk, lifting him off the edge of the HUGE sidewalk.

At the end the hedgie talked to all his friends, and to those that weren't yet he made amends,.? but the lov'liest part of the day for sure, was the human with its help so true and pure.

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