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Sooth Tooth

When I started working on his story I had a vision of something quite quirky and silly, however the more i've read the poem, again and again to try and create the imagery for my sketch, I realised the underlining tone was actually somewhat dark and full of this sour acceptance of the flawed human nature.

Sooth Tooth

A stranger feeling known to man

does not exist, oh, frying pan.

Your frying blackens, grime on wall,

where once ruled light see darkness crawl.

Alas! what wonders of de-light

your shadow sings to old and young.

Dare we outreach our wretched tongue,

and taste things, tantamount to sin?

Unending throngs, us - broken beasts!

devour all your foul produce.

Yet on our kneeswe shall not sate,

and never tire of your ruse.

Fried chocollate on beavers' snout,

aye, this is what life is about.

Car'mel dripped honey pots for sale,

eradicates each bee and wale.

Thus mankind forged demonic pacts

to combine carbs with sugar fats.

Now, in the twilight of our years,

as deafness conquers all our ears,

as wickedness dissolves our nerves,

could we remember who this serves?

Knowing David, I am pretty sure he did not intend it to actually say something "deep" while writing it, for he takes his poem lightheartedly and does not like to moralise, however i feel like his general cynicism (when it comes to humanity ability to control it self and self regulate) did shown through without him - maybe even - realising it.

On a less philosophical note - this piece was my own personal success. Because after I formulated a clear vision of what I wanted it to look like, I actually managed to to achieve it pretty much exactly - "as seen in my head". Which is not always a given! Creating this space that is both recognisable and mundane, as in - the kitchen - while also not actually strictly defined while it is free to transform in to odd depths at unexpected moments. There is no clear boundary between the real and the imaginary, between the space that character physically occupies and the space that he perceives through the lens of his subjective experience.

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