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New and Old Prints

I always struggle when I need to decide which works I should turn into prints for sale. It is always a bit of a hit-and-miss. Sometimes the piece of work that I enjoyed making and is important to me as a creator does not translate well as a print, and sometimes things that people seem to like surprise me.

I finally managed to refill my dwindling stocks of postcards and art prints, as well as adding some new designs to the shop.

Sharing something new is always a thrill, the anticipation is delightful.

I guess it is close to impossible to see my own work objectively. Even the smallest scribbles, for me will have the time, space, mindset in which the drawing was made, all woven into it. Those things are invisible to the audience, but they create their own story. It is one of my favorites things about showing my work to other people, to see how similarly or differently people with react or interpret it.

All creation is a reflection of the author, no mater how small, silly or lighthearted. It is impossible to not channel a bit of yourself through your work, be it music, art, writing, dance, cooking etc. And sharing that, for me is the most delightful part of it all.

New and Old Prints and Postcards are now available right here.

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