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Icon of Defeat - album concept

For my latest personal project I got really inspired by just playing around with the 'random band name generator'. One of those AI based pages.I made myself a fake band, that really caught my fantasies, from the name alone, I felt like I could almost hear the heavy, slow chords and bass that you feel vibrating in your lungs.

The cover art for albums is always a fascinating affair, how do you visualise sounds? I imagine only the people making commercials for Parfumes have a more ephemeral task. When it comes to music album covers, there is always a danger in falling into cliche. On the other hans some forms of design and imagery has become so much part of any given musical subculture, that rejecting them, just for the sake of originality might prove to be counterproductive. Front and back album covers

Inside spread with lyrics

Center vinyl sticker

Promotional posters

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