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Marija Hornshaw

Illustrator with professional skills in both digital and traditional art.

Raised by a family of artist, I have attended an art school from early childhood, and eventually focused my work on traditional printmaking
and contemporary sculpture.


Soon after graduation I moved to UK, to continue my education in Fine art at a University level. Here I gained my first degree and was exposed to numerous new influences by having access to London's galleries and vibrant art scene which made me develop a huge intrest in digital illustration and visual story telling.

I discovered my deep passion and interest for design soon after and eventually moved to Germany to study Communication and Information Design, as well as continuing my work in art and illustration.

Combining my knowledge of classic art techniques, digital art and design skills, I have developed a unique set of skills that allows me to work in wide variety of styles, techniques and mediums, as well as use creative approaches to any problem my client or my own personal project presents. 

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